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Welcome to Key 2 Numbers. This site is devoted to teaching mastery within numbers, the polarizing effect of numbers, and the influencing powers of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration concerning numbers. A truly magnificent conscious exploration dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to use numbers to influence your daily life positively.

The Key to the Universe resides in numbers. So isn’t it wonderful that you have access to the most powerful key the Universe has allowed us, NUMBERS! NikolaTesla said it best, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

Auspicious Events

2023 = 7 Energy Quantum Influencing

This year 2023, is the year of Universal Knowledge. The most revered aspect of creation. 2023 is the year of the 7 numeric code collective expression. This year's quantum influencing factor is based on the most revered Universal number. Why do I make such a statement? Let's examine the many ways the number 7 is prominent in our existence. For example, we have 7 days to a week, 7 Colors in the rainbow, 7 continents, 7 wonders of the world, and 52 weeks to a year which is a 7 single digits. If you think about it, many more examples will show how 7 is the number of nature and harvest. The 7 energy is an expression that represents the intellect, Knowledge, a High Mind type of connection, and knowing. Especially a knowing that is of an esoteric nature - God's nature. This high mind number requires your keen attention to what's being presented to you throughout the year. You would be advised to remember this quote by Maya Angelou "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Not only someone but also situations that doesn't serve you or any other form in which the Universe brings about things for you to mind. This High Mind alignment is your highest intellectual point of development. Be mindful of the lessons to be learned and the experiences that will help you shift your life to conditions that will best serve you throughout the year. Pay attention to how you are intellectually expressing and expanding yourself. Knowledge is Power, the tree of Knowledge is the tree of life. This year, be mindful of the Knowledge being brought to light for you to process, develop, and to act upon. Without Knowledge, action is useless, and Knowledge isn't Power until applied. Please understand that Knowledge is the wing of life.

Master numbers:

Are you experiencing the Quantum effect?

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The daily re-occurrence of numbers in our lives denotes attention. The Quantum effect implicates the minutest amount of energy required for a change or the minimum influence of any physical property in an interaction.

Based on the messages I’ve been receiving from this site and from people I meet, the questions about reoccurring numbers are always the same, “What does it all mean?” With great delight, I’ve noticed that most asking the questions share the basic understanding that no matter how small the influence of seeing 11 11, 222, 333, 444, 555, or any other sequential numbers may be, they feel the re-occurring numbers are offering guidance, bringing their attention to relevant life influencing factors, or are providing an important message. Because of the many conversations I’ve had with those who support this site requesting definitions for the re-occurring numbers that they are experiencing daily, I’ve created the re-occurring Numeric Energy Definition.

Check out the Affirmation page for monthly updates of the current month’s numeric influencing energy with complimenting affirmations.

Thank you for your support.

Why am I seeing 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and so many other repeating numbers?

Tap Into Your Mastery Within
Through Conscious Use of Numbers

The answer to the question above and many other questions relating to repeating numbers is that numbers have certain energetic traits that correspond to the individual, their human psyche, and spiritual development. Numbers are essential in all our lives. One’s personal quantum connection with a number or a set of numbers can potentially impact many life’s decisions and directions. Therefore, these repeating numbers serve a higher and greater purpose. Understanding the numeric attributes of the numbers you continuously see may help you understand the message behind the repeating numbers. You can discover how connected you are to the divine guidance at work and how wonderful you truly are within. These corresponding nudges can further expand and improve your understanding of life. Your conscious awareness of the message behind repeating numbers may help you relate better with others and become more expressive and confident about your manifesting powers.

This site offers insights into Master Numerology and Integrated Master Numerology (IMN) is a numeric system designed to help develop your connection with numbers. A magnificent exploration examining numeric attributes and the influencing powers of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration in our lives. We are all multi-dimensional beings. With that awareness, we can use our knowledge of numbers to live a more harmonious and abundant life.

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The Quantum Influence​

The re-occurring numbers are a form of communicative codes from the beyond. This High Conscious aligned connection, when achieved leaves us all filled with joy, enthusiasm, meaning, and purpose.

Re-occurring Numbers definitions and the Numeric Energy being communicated.

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Birth Chart

Your date of birth holds the key to unlock your life and explain your energetic expressions. IMN Birth chart offers you a clear view into your Etheric energetic influence with key insights on your potentials, purpose, and destiny. Discover your potentials.

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House -vs- Home Energy

Numbers influences all aspect of your life. Your house number deserves your attention as it impacts your everyday life. Your house number is the key to understanding your home’s energy, and it affects you and your family. Learn about the impacting energy of your house and home.

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The key is in the numbers. Unlock the doors that will help you align your relationships. Seeing and understanding the numeric energetic influences involved will help you find your love language in the numbers. Discover how to create harmonious relationships.
(Not only for love relationships, rather for all engaging life relationships.)
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