2/22/22 Vs 2/22/2022

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February 2022 is an extraordinary month, energetically and visually. A month influenced by duality, synchronicity, and numeric visual appeal. I can only imagine the fun you are having observing sequencing numbers like 2/ 2/ 22 – 2/ 22/ 2022  and 2/ 22/ 22 that this month is bringing to light for all the Angel Numbers lovers.

The 2 in Integrated Master Numerology deals with Duality, and the 22 Master Number deals with the blending of the veil – the blending and the meld with your Higher-self.

Let’s Do the Numbers

Calculate to find single-digit attributes so we can examine their meanings, and influences.

2/ 22/ 2022 -vs- 2/ 22/ 22

2/ 22/ 2022 add up to (2+2+2+2+0+2+2=12) then reduce the 12 to a single digit, 1+2=3.

The date is written with 2022 as the year is a 3 Energetic expression.

2/22/22 add up to (2+2+2+2+2+2=10) then reduce the 10 to a single digit (1+0=1).

The date is written with 22 as the year is a 1 Energetic expression.

What does it all mean and what are the implications?

2/ 22/ 2022 is a 3 Energy, the expression of creation, the Trinity.

3 Energy is the energy of creation, the Trinity (Mother, Father, Child), aspect of creation, the catalyst. This Energy is powerful with the opportunity to continuously create experiences in your life. This “Abracadabra” energy, which you create at will, requires a keen focus on your thoughts and actions. Your empowering thoughts will bring empowering experiences because you are the creator of your reality. You are a creator, creating your life’s experiences. It will not serve you in this position to lack vision and to allow circumstances to control your life. Creator energy, the 3 energetic field is the communicative, imagined created expression. See it – Create it!

-VS –

2/ 22/ 22 is a 1 Energy, the expression of the I am presence, the becoming.

1 Energy is the acknowledgment of The God in you, the “I AM.” It calls for you to know your magnificence. The 1 Energy brings new things and experiences. This engages your evolutionary powers and connection with the Oneness, God. You’re bringing forth newness, the collective energy may not be in alignment with you. The 1 Energy demands your confidence. Seeking validation under this number only limits your full potential. Pay attention to what you are placing after your “I am…” Connect with your Oneness. As you observe life, remember your power is within. This leadership energy encourages you to lead and not wait for the pack. It will not serve you in this expression to be self-centered and closed off to your potential as a leader. In this 1 energetic position, you are a leader, process life from your leadership mindset.

Which numeric expression connects with you the most?

Take a moment and tap in with your inner knowing to see which energy is in alignment for your highest expression. I encourage you to pay attention to what’s presenting itself to you on this day and for the rest of this duality-influenced year. I welcome your comments and questions. I will do my best to answer all your questions concerning this extraordinary energetically charged year.

Blessings always~

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