77 Energy – The Collective High Mind Conscious Field

Master Number 77

The power behind the occult secret knowledge and codes – Science Energy

The 77 collective mastery is associated with the complex unified intellectual High Mind consciousness. Your awareness of this flowing energetic influencing factor is essential. The number 7 in numerology is a spiritual number. Those with the 7 working number in their numerology chart are considered intellectuals capable of processing complex matters.  Now, imagine the amplification of that energy, the 77 quantum influencing factors.  A deliberate joining with this conscious energy positions you to align with the High Mind consciousness. With this connection, you stand to gain complex knowledge and understandings under this occult influencing energy.

If you desire to master this knowledge expression, you must first understand the mysterious codes behind the 77 quantum effects. Aligning and working with this energetic field positions your intellectual mind to process cryptic and esoteric secret knowledge and codes within the unified field of consciousness.

This collective occult knowledge energy is the High Mind force imprinting and directing reality. The 77 energy is the master reality transformer. It will not serve you in this position to be malicious or disingenuous with your intentions. 

The 77 science energetic field positions you in the realm of secret knowledge and codes. You often hear knowledge is power. Remember, knowledge isn’t power until it is applied to gain true wisdom.

  • May you use your awareness of the collective consciousness, High Mind powers for the betterment of all.
  • May you practice discernment as you tap and flow your alignment within the collective Conscious Field of Secret Knowledge and Codes.

POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Masterful intellect, superior understanding of the esoteric, mastermind conscious connection, innately skilled Metaphysician.

NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Deliberately tap into the negative aspect of the esoteric, apply High Mind knowledge with ill intentions, seek to harm, no regard for humanity and the well-being of others.

The best way to work with the 77 Energy is in silence. This energy will give you access to the master wizard within. Create a space where you will not be disturbed. I personally recommend playing high-frequency music to help you calm your mind. Set your intentions to connect with the collective High Mind consciousness, sit in silence, and allow the guidance and communication to flow through you and to you. 

Special note: Keep a notebook and pen near you to write down your experience or the particular message you may have received.

Blessings always


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