8 Collective Energy

Master Number 8

This month is all about Infinite Expansion

December 2021 Collective Energy resides in the 8 Energetic Field. The energy of Divine – Infinite Expansion. This month supports your alignment with the collective expanding manifested reality. You are encouraged to elevate, boost, develop, and cultivate what’s working in your life. Your manifestation potentials are heightened under this collective energetic impression. This energy offers opportunities for growth and abundance; this reality expansion position is divine and infinite in its potentials.

12-12-2021 ♾️ 12-21-2021

This month is a powerful source of reality revolution, evolution, and elevation, like the energy of 12-21-2012, which we all know was a reality transformer. Since then, our collective consciousness has expanded beyond our understanding. This year, we have the same shift in energetic expression, the mighty imprint of reality shifts and reboots to our expanded expressions.  Remember, you are here for the manifestation experience, not only for the manifesting.

December 2021 Auspicious Dates
Dates with Master Number influences

12/14/2021: 88

12/23/2021: 88

12/26/2021: 88 

Note: This month’s auspicious days carry the 88 Master Number, the Divine God’s Codes. Under this energy, the mastery position amplifies the influencing factors, which aligns you with the infinite potentials, the kind that creates a new world.

The Quantum Shift
12-21-2021: 11-33-44
This day holds THREE noteworthy Master Numbers.

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