Affirmation and Manifesting

Affirmations are essential to aid you in manifesting your desired experiences. Your heart-centered affirmation delivers a more coherent message to the subconscious. Affirming yourself daily is positive, beneficial, and empowering by nature. Affirmations are truly incredible because it's like using a microphone to talk with the Universe. This can beneficially alter your reality and allow you to tap into something greater within.

Say it, see it, believe it! It is DONE! - Daphney Antoine, Ph.D.

Check monthly for the IMN© collective energy affirmations. The monthly affirmations are created using the collective energy of the month. Monthly, you will be able to affirm your Well-being, Money, and Love in the influencing energy of the month.

May you use these affirmations often to help you along with your creating and manifesting expression.

*** I recommend reciting affirmations daily. ***


August 2022
Energy & Affirmations

Master Number 6

September 2022 Collective Energy resides in the 6 Energetic Field – Life Energy. This month encourages you to be active and to activate your life with vigor. Enhance your life's expressions through positive right actions. This month supports your alignment with the collective highly-charged Energetic Force. In this frequency position, You are being encouraged to align with conscious expressions that are positive, energetic, activated, charged up, and ready to take on life with full vigor. This collective energy of life is powerful in its potential for growth once you deliberately flow positive energy to conditions that empower you. Therefore, this month's energy, will not serve you to be inactive, lazy, unmotivated, gloomy, depressed, or lack proactive actions in your daily life.

Are you living in joy?
Are you experiencing or living a positively charged life?

Trust in the Universe's Energetic Power to help you answer those questions.

Well Being

I am energetically charged. I am in alignment with the Universe's high-powered active and activated joyful life's expression. I am very active, I feel alive! My raised vibration is suitable for my best expressions. My heart and mind are open to Source Creator's physical and non-physical, highly charged, energetic impressions. I am worthy of the best life has to offer me. My life's active expression serves my highest and most significant expression. And so, it is!


I am activated energetically with my flow of prosperity. The Source of all that is supports my financial growth. I am in a positively charged phase of my life. One that allows money to flow to me freely in increasing quantities that I get to keep. I am directed to opportunities that will open doors for me to realize my divine financial rights. Money energy loves how I use it; money is seeking me to demonstrate its powers and influences. I am financially successful. I am living in joy. And so, it is!


I am charged up and activated by the blissful Love energy. I am energized! I attract many loving beings into my life. I love connecting and sharing my point of attraction with other loving beings. I am in the vibrational love phase of my life, aligning me with the purest and most authentic loving relationships. Love is projected to me with kindness and care. I welcome love, and I share love effortlessly. I am worthy of all the loving expressions that are being directed into my life. And so, it is!

Affirmation Wheel

The 11:11 re-occurrence is a nudge from the Universe to let you know that there is something greater at work with you. Use this connection to affirm yourself and your desires. Take a moment to witness the beauty in your reflected self. The Affirmation Wheel is to help you identify your desired theme for your affirmation and to tune you to the associated numeric working energy. The affirmations for the Affirmation Wheel empowers you with the statements that will help you connect with the energy of the number. Based on the number or the theme you have identified with importance, use the affirmation corresponding to that number. If the number you are working with is a single digit, it will help if you use the corresponding double-digit to help amplify the significance of the Energy, Frequency, and Vibration of the number. Find the number or theme you are feeling connected with; once you’ve identified the number or the theme, recites both the single-digit and the double-digit compliment to amplify the power of the affirmation. Affirmations help you connect and align with your higher self and help you stay positive and focus on your desired results. Recite daily, read as often as needed until you feel you’ve achieved your purpose.

IMN Affirmation Wheel


IMN Wheel Affirmations


I Am one with Oneness.


I Am that I Am. I Am linked to my Source.


I Am my greatest asset. I am couples with my power within.


I Am joined with my greater knowing. I Am tapped into my inner guidance.


I Am the creator of my reality. I honor the mother-father-child aspect of creation.


I Am celebrated by my creation. I Am supported by my spiritual family.


I Am well guided and protected.


I Am never alone. I reside in the loving energy of spirit's pure guidance.


I Am welcome to change. I am in harmony with best potential.


I Am Love! I love myself and humanity, I am in harmony with my true nature.


I Am in the flow of energy. I am fueled by life's active energy.


I Am in the energy of my source field. I am flowing and vibrate with pure love.


I Am an incredible processor knowledge. I am expanding daily.


I Am wise, I am mastering a higher knowing I choose peace.


I Am in the flow of my abundance. I give love freely, and I receive love effortlessly


I Am a master at manifesting. I am in tune with my abundance, my desires flow freely to me.


I Am working with God. I am connected with Source Creator.


I Am worthy of love. I am blissfully experiencing beauty, Love, and Light.

IMN Wheel Affirmations

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Blessings Always!