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Mastery Within 11:11 Integrated Master Numerology By Daphney Antoine.

You may have noticed how certain numbers seem to follow you throughout the course of your life. Those numbers could be your age, birth date, lucky number, bank account, addresses or even anniversaries. While most people may think that numbers are mere symbols of relative quantities, the truth is that each of them assumes some deeper personal significance. Numerologists believe that understanding the significance of numbers can allow you to gain greater insight into yourself. Are you seeing 11:11? Daphney Antoine’s book, Mastery Within 11: 11 presents a process known as Integrated Master Numerology (IMN) which is a numeric process that helps you recognize intuitive energies expressed in numeric cycles. The book reveals the underlying meaning behind the numbers in your life. Presented in a very personal and easy-to-understand way, Daphney’s book gives the readership a description of their preliminary destiny in matters dealing with relationships, spirituality, home, health, finance, and prosperity. Being a master of numerology herself, the author firmly believes that numbers have a huge significance in our physical and non-physical lives and with a good understanding of numerological patterns through Energy, Frequency, and Vibration, one can re-write their own destiny. In this book, Daphney presents 12 tools that can help readers understand how to interact with and experience numerology in their lives for a positive change. This book will help you uncover your numeric identity, life purpose, and your overall blueprint in life. Daphney’s lively description of her soul-searching and spiritual re-connection journey based on her IMN knowledge makes this book easy to assimilate. The book is mapped out in an easy-to-read format that enables readers to create their own analysis. She includes quotes, photos of sunrises and sunsets in Delray Beach, FL at the beginning of each chapter. The photos, which she took herself create visualizations of a positive change upon embracing IMN practice. Moreover, the book comes in color to give readers a pleasant reading experience. It also contains original and customized graphics and charts that amplify the information presented in the book.

The Integrated Master Numerology (IMN) process as presented by Daphney Antoine in this book helps individuals to accurately decipher their numeric attributes for purposes of creating an awareness of the soul’s journey towards achieving better relationships in various facets of life. The book will guide you on the inner workings of numbers to allow you forecast outcomes, optimize timing, grab opportunities, and avoid pitfalls. Simply put, this book is the foundation for you to learn how to awaken your self-mastery and fulfill your potentials in life.

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