Year-end of 2022

December 2022, is the 9 energetic expressions, the completion to LOVE energy? As it is often said, when one experience ends, there’s always the opportunity for a new beginning. This year’s ending in the 9 expressions is compelling because we get to close out 2022 with loving expressions and make way for 2023. The 9 …

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Master Number 66

Everything is Energy!

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! September 2022 This month’s Frequency is tuned into the 6 Collective Energy, a major collaborative influencing factor. This month is a charged-up, energetic point for growth. Be mindful of the energy you align with or tap into consciously. Pay attention to how you are expressing and escalating your life. The Frequency you …

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2/22/22 Vs 2/22/2022

February 2022 is an extraordinary month, energetically and visually. A month influenced by duality, synchronicity, and numeric visual appeal. I can only imagine the fun you are having observing sequencing numbers like 2/ 2/ 22 – 2/ 22/ 2022  and 2/ 22/ 22 that this month is bringing to light for all the Angel Numbers lovers. The 2 in Integrated …

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2022 Energy

Happy New Year  –  Welcome to 2022 Quantum Energy 2022 in traditional Numerology is a 6 Energy.  Those exposed to and understand the Integrated Master Numerology system know that the 22 Master Number in this year is also significant. In all Numerology systems, 2022 is a 6 energy, in Integrated master Numerology, the 22 master …

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Master Number 8

8 Collective Energy

This month is all about Infinite Expansion December 2021 Collective Energy resides in the 8 Energetic Field. The energy of Divine – Infinite Expansion. This month supports your alignment with the collective expanding manifested reality. You are encouraged to elevate, boost, develop, and cultivate what’s working in your life. Your manifestation potentials are heightened under …

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Master Number 77

77 Energy – The Collective High Mind Conscious Field

The power behind the occult secret knowledge and codes – Science Energy The 77 collective mastery is associated with the complex unified intellectual High Mind consciousness. Your awareness of this flowing energetic influencing factor is essential. The number 7 in numerology is a spiritual number. Those with the 7 working number in their numerology chart …

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