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Get certified as a Master Numerologist.

Are you ready to improve your life and the lives of future or current clients? Do you feel you have a deep connection with numbers? Are you seeing repeating numbers all the time as if they are a form of communication? Well, Integrated Master Numerology Certification has been designed with the beginner in mind, covering everything from basic Numerology, the difference between Numerology and Master Numerology. You will learn how to apply the study to benefit your life and the lives of your clients.

Integrated Master Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers and their relevance to our everyday life. This system is based on the numeric sequencing ranging from 1-9 and 11-99. In this training, you will learn the 12 tools identified in the book Mastery Within 11:11 to help you develop a deeper understanding of the working of numbers in all our lives. The IMN sequencing deals with Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. This advanced system offers you the technology required to help you identify the energetic influence of numbers. This is shown through uniquely created formulas and systems that will help you identify the quantum effects in numbers and the numeric codes in our date of birth, auspicious occasions, relationships, the energy of the home, and how money cycles in our lives. With this training, you will also learn to identify the polarizing effects in your life and will help show your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs, and emotional reactions.

Who could benefit from this course?

Numerology is known as an occult science. Generally, those interested in Numerology and the influence of numbers have an open mind and a willingness to delve deeper into the unknown or what may have previously seemed irrelevant. So, who could benefit from this course? Everyone!

This thought-provoking course will train you in the Integrated Master Numerology system step-by-step. At the end of this course, you will know and understand the influencing effects of numbers and how to tap into the Quantum influencing factors. You will learn how to crack the codes in numbers and understand the mystical powers of Master Numbers. You will no longer question the repeating numbers in your life, the meaning behind your birthday chart, and how you can help others to do the same.

This course is life-changing and altering. Join us today on this amazing journey and get certified as a Master Numerologist.

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    Understanding numerology and the metaphysical with Daphney Antoine Ph.D

    Many of us have expereinced seeing repeating numbers or number sequences that touch us enough to question "why?" "what does it all mean?" In this Podcast interview with Daphney Antoine Ph.D we explore these possibilities as well as the deeper meaning numbers have within our lives to help guide us.

    Using numerology to support relationships

    In this Episode Dapney Antoine Ph.D, the numerology guru! takes us on a deep dive into how the use of numerology can help us in relationships of all kinds. By knowing and individuals "number sequence" we can help support them and the relationship.

    Want to know the angels and numbers of your guardians?

    2.22.2022 with Daphney Antione

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    Feedback and Comments

    What past event attendees say

    "Daphney makes working with numbers easy - she has a lovely way of introducing us to numerology and makes it exciting to learn. If you want to understand the energy behind each number and what they mean in your life, I would recommend Daphney's course.”

    Sainoor - Toronto, Canada

    I had a lovely time with Daphney and the ladies in our class on Integrated Master Numerology. Daphney's story of being given this information is remarkable. Her process takes numerology to a different level - more information and more possibilities. She has an energy that keeps the class moving, and it's clear she loves what she does. Daphney packed a lot into our class!

    Mary - Oregon, USA

    "Ms. Antoine was very nurturing and made certain we all understood the subject, which can seem complex if one does not feel they are very mathematical. I liked the way she shared and made sure we understood this wisdom! Most interesting to me was the building of the numbers and interweaving, and how we can choose how we will be in the energy. I did not know much about the subject at all and it was really fascinating! It made me feel like a whole new world of useful information was opened to me to help me be empowered and effective in my life!"

    Diana - Los Angeles, USA

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