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Master Number 66


This month’s Frequency is tuned into the 6 Collective Energy, a major collaborative influencing factor. This month is a charged-up, energetic point for growth. Be mindful of the energy you align with or tap into consciously. Pay attention to how you are expressing and escalating your life.

The Frequency you tune your energy towards will determine what you vibrate out or put out, and what you vibrate out will reflect or mirror right back to you. So, this month, pay attention to what you are giving your energy to and where you are placing your energy. Remember, where attention goes, energy flows. So, be very mindful of the stream of thoughts you are giving energy to and flowing within mentally.

September 2022 energy, Why is this month significant? Because this year’s Frequency is aligned with the 6 Energy.  In Integrated Master Numerology, when double digits are present, it is recognized as a Master Number energy.  When dealing with master numbers vibration, it is important to know and understand that you are working with the non-manifested and the manifested physical expression. The 66 influencing energy we are experiencing is a physical and non-physical driving force energy. This collective mastery position aligns us with our active, activating, and engaging energetic life expression.

Your conscious awareness of this collective energetic expression is essential, especially this month since we are dealing with a Master energy influencing life force. This collective energy of life is powerful once you deliberately flow positively charged energy to conditions that will empower your life experiences. This month, it will not serve you to be lazy, unmotivated, gloomy, or sedated. The Master Number 66 collective energetic field positions your life’s energy and enhances your experience through actions and active life expressions. May you tap and flow your alignment with this powerful and dynamic life’s force energy.

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2022 Energy

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