July 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

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This month, July 2022, is all about acknowledging your communicative connection with your guides. Under this energy, you are encouraged to pay attention to your synchronistic events and the nudges guiding you to take action. Under this energy, you are encouraged to engage your senses, align with your inner knowing (guides, angels, ancestors, etc.), and allow your Source Creator to help you achieve the most authentic expression of yourself. Your trust in something greater working with you and through you is vital in this connected guidance expression. It will not serve you in this position to lack direction, focus, trust, consideration for others, and genuine intentions for a greater purpose. The 4 Spirit’s Pure (Angel Number) guidance energetic field positions you to align with the collective Higher-self guidance energy. 

Be still and know that your God’s power within is working with you and through you.

In the year of energized duality, the month of July resides in the Collective 4 Energetic Field. This month, you will experience the power and the advantage of your pure connection with your spirit guides. Pay attention to the remarkable coincidences, the obvious nudges, and how often your personal repeating numbers are present for you to observe. 

Master Number 4

If you are unfocused, confused, and disconnected from your purpose and desires, you will not be able to identify your spiritual guidance. Because those state of being creates a block in your life which causes you not to have the capacity to connect with your greater knowing, your Source within. It would serve you best to focus on the positive and find clarity for your desired life experience or accomplishments. Ask yourself what you would like to experience in your life. Once you’ve identified that desire, focus on how it would feel to have achieved it and live it daily. Still your mind and allow the alignment with your Source within to help you experience the most authentic aspect of yourself.

Dates impacts by Master Numbers


7/4/2022 -7/6/2022 – 7/13/2022 –  6/22/2022 – 6/24/2022: 44 Energy

7/5/2022 – 7/14/2022 -6/23/2022: 33 Influence Energy

This month is full of notable dates with Master Number influencing factors. The most prominent ones are the energy of Master Numbers 44 and 33. This month also offers Master Number 11 and 22. July 22 of this year is very charged energetically. This date has both the 11 and the 22 Master Number. Please check out the meaning of the Master Numbers on the Home Page. 

Note: This month is your guidance energy connection. The number 4 is most known as the Angel Number, and you would often be told that your Angels are communicating with you. To that point, pay attention to your intuitions and trust when you feel guided to take action. 

Trust in the Universe – align with your sacred energetic family

Blessings always~

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