June 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

Quantum Field

This month, June 2022, is all about acknowledging your creative powers. Under this energy, you are encouraged to seed your desired reality. Engage your imagination to achieve your dreams. Your imagination is vital in this catalyst expression. It impacts your created and co-created experiences. It will not serve you in this position to lack imagination and vision or to allow circumstances to control your life. The Trinity of Creation (mother, father, child) energetic field positions you to align with the collective Creation Field through your imagination. Your imagination creates your reality, your imagination also expands reality.

Master Number 3

In the year of energized duality, the month of June resides in the Collective 3 Energetic Field. This month, you will experience the power of your imagination. Pay attention to the kind of things you allow to grow in your mind. If you focus on troubling issues, you will create those types of experiences in your created and co-created expression. It would serve you best to focus on the positive and find clarity for your desired reality. Ask yourself what you would like to experience in your life. Once you’ve identified that desire, focus on how it would feel to live that reality. Focus on what will best serve you

Dates impacts by Master Numbers


6/3/2022 – 6/12/2022 – 6/21/2022 –  6/27/2022: 33 Energy

6/6/2022 – 6/15/2022 -6/24/2022: 333 Energy

These notable dates are the energy of master numbers 33 and 333. The 33 master numbers are sacred energetic family connections. Your Sacred family offers you support to master your imagination and your created reality. This creator’s active field positions you with the most powerful energy to use to create your reality. May you tap and flow your alignment with the collective Sacred Field of expression. As you observe life, remember your power within is your connection with Source Creator.

Note: This month is your opportunity to seed your desired experiences. Pay attention to the kind of seed you are planting into your created and co-created expression.

Trust in the Universe – align with your sacred energetic family

Blessings always

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