March 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

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In the year of energized duality, the month of March resides in the Collective 9 Energetic Field. This collective field offers the opportunity to share compassionate actions and to be considerate to others. To love truly means to grow and empower those around you and to see the God within. The absent of love is when we experience separations and not have the capacity to see the beauty within humanity. Expressions like, jealousy, resentment and ill intended actions are all very low vibration expressions. Seek the path of least resistance and connect to love. Love of self and humanity.

This month’s Love expression encourages you to align with your God within. Your compassionate actions stand to benefit those around you profoundly. Your devoted work with God, your Source Energy will support you and align you with those that may benefit from your compassionate actions. This collective conscious energy encourages you to love unconditionally. Remember, at the end of it all there is always LOVE.  It will not serve you in this month’s energy to hold resentments or discouraging beliefs, as it may block you from your blessings.

This unique month expression is that of the Divine power of love.  You have the opportunity to grow what’s working in your life through love.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to release all ill intended individuals and aspects that are no longer serving you.  Connect with the supreme power that is love and fuel your life to greater heights.  This month supports your alignment with the collective loving expressions. This alignment is very relevant since we are in the year of energized duality. 

You are encouraged to elevate, boost, develop, and cultivate what’s working in your life. Your loving expressions are empowered under this collective energetic impression. You will experience many opportunities for personal growth, appreciation in your connected relationships, unconditional love, and joyful experiences. Be open to embrace your God within and expand consciously. This reality expansion position is divine and infinite in its love potentials.

March 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

Dates impacts by Master Numbers 


3/9/2022 – 3/18/2022 – 3/27/2022: 9-9-9-3-3 

These very special dates are extreme in their Love and Creation expanding powers because of the master number 99 and 33 energetic influencing field. Pay attention to what you are creating into your life. Be vigilant with your love expression.  Be sure to not nurture the absent of love in your life.  On this day observe the many ways love presents itself Pay close attention to all aspects of your life that may offer you the opportunity to share, experience and create unconditional loving experiences. 

➡️ Note: This month is full of Master Numbers. Numbers that are mirroring each other.  This makes it a highly charged energy with many auspicious days.  The 99 Master Number is in full power. Time to acknowledge God’s work, witness Beauty, Love, and Light.  Under this energy, the mastery position amplifies the influencing factors, which aligns you with the infinite expression of unconditional love.  

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