May 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

Master Number 11

This month, May 2022, is all about acknowledging your power within the 11 11 Illumination expression. Under this energy, you are encouraged to align with your Source Creator. This guiding light energy awakens you to the truth of the Divine, your power within. This month, the collective stands to benefit as they align to the light illuminating the way. This pillar of light energy is your guiding light directing your path as you align to your Mastery Within. This collective expression is the doorway of awareness to something greater at work within you. It will not serve you in this position to disregard your intuitive nudges leading you to your greater potential because of your disempowering mindset. Not paying attention to the light of truth may prove detrimental. It will also not serve you to be overly pessimistic.

In the year of energized duality, the month of May resides in the Collective 11 Energetic Field. This month, the darkest truth will be revealed! Pay attention to the revelations because this collective field is the 11 11 awakening expression. This Illumination expression encourages you to align with your Source Creator guiding light leading energy supporting your alignment to your true mastery within. As you enter the doorway of awareness, you stand to have the hidden truth illuminated. Your alignment to this self-mastery expression engages your connection with your Source Creator and may lead you to inspiring revelations. This collective conscious energy encourages you to illuminate your mastery within. May you be the guiding light leading the way.

Dates impacts by Master Numbers

5/6/2022 – 5/11/2022 -5/24/2022:                 11 11 Energy 

These notable dates are the leading energy reflecting your spiritual enlightenment. The 11 11 energy nudges you to seek and find your new level of awareness. As you observe life, remember the power within is your connection with Source Creator.

This collective mastery position aligns us with our mastery within, the guiding light, and our doorway of awareness. This year is a 6 Energetic expression. This month brings in the 11 11 influencing factors. This pillar of light energy illuminates your path to align you with the Omnipresence. Our opportunity to seek the light within are on the dates listed above as it is heightened under this collective energetic expression. Keep in mind, this month, it will best serve to focus your energy on your mastery within. The 11 11 illumination positions us, the collective to experience the truth within it all. May the guiding light lead the way to our awakening.

Note: This month is the bringer of light. Pay attention to what’s being illuminated.

Trust in the Universe, align with The Oneness

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Blessings always