The 2nd Half of 2020 Energetic Influences

2020 Energy Image
Where are we energetically in the Master Numerology spectrum?

The year 2020 in standard numerology is calculated as a 4 numeric energy. Integrated Master Numerology offers different perspectives that examine the 22 master numbers within the 2020 energetic year. The 22 is the connection between two realities, the blend of the seen and unseen, known as dualism energy. This energy position is the examining position that looks at the many sides and facets at play in the melding of the duality expression. This energy is masterfully influencing us all and causing us to truly look at our created reality. Our connected position is to activate our conscious connection to our higher-self and perspectives.

Undoubtedly, this year has brought us to the point to examine the dualistic aspects within the veil of reality. The veil of reality is causing us to scrutinize our views on politics, health, race, and mostly, our human vulnerability. One of the biggest paradigms in this created reality we are faced with this year is how we all affect each other–with the potential to infect each other. This possibility to infect each other is bigger than a virus; we affect/infect each other with our negative thoughts and inconsiderate actions. This goes way beyond this pandemic, this collective expression has been infecting society well before 2020. In this energy year, we are facing our affected infections.

I’ve spent the first half of 2020 examining all that’s going on and all that continued to surface so far, doing so through the Integrated Master Numerology system. My focus examination and study of master numerology have brought me to the conclusion that we are all conscious beings having a human experience and numbers are valuable tools to help us see the numeric patterns in human expression. I’ve come to see life through the polarity of what serves us and what doesn’t serve us. In the 2020 energy, it will not serve us in this position to be easily influenced, to not connect with our higher perspective, not examine sides, be naïve and gullible, attempt to influence without having all the facts, or seek to manipulate the system. Through both faults and virtues, we are being brought to the line of reality’s veil.

Duality energy – In this latter half of the year, you stand to gain a higher perspective as you examine the veil of reality through the many facets at play within the human expression. The 22 energetic year connects you with your higher-self which holds the position to serve your highest, purest, and truest expression.

May you find your way to express your highest expression as we transition to 2021.
Blessings always

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