IMN Meditation

Self-guided meditation


Run the double digits number 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 over your body to help you focus and balance.  Start at the crown of the head with 11 and move down all the way to the sole of your feet and finish at 99. Do this flow several times until you feel connected and in alignment.


The meaning for each point

  • 11 Crown Light connection
  • 22 Third Eye Gateway access
  • 33 Throat Expression Field
  • 44 Heart Emotion balance
  • 55 Solar Charge-off point
  • 66 Sacral Powerpoint
  • 77 Root Wisdom
  • 88 Knees Exchange
  • 99 Sole Grounding


How this meditation worked for me:


This quantum center was able to help me know where I was out of balanced in my body. Energetically, I knew and felt which aspects needed to be looked at internally.  This is how I work with the numbers in my meditation. I started with 11 at the top of my head, and finish at 99. I breathed into my body attempting to align with each energetic point.  During this process I’m open to hearing what comes while focusing on my breath. I would take six breaths for each point, I alternate my breath 3 in and 3 out while I remained very present with my mind. Each time I would feel a block in a certain point, I’d focus my breath longer until I feel I got the understanding to why the resistance. I ran the numbers 11 – 99 focusing on each point that I was guided to… by the time I get to the third full body flow, I’m in deep meditation.  I get in deeper and faster than I’ve ever experienced in a guided meditation.  It’s pretty awesome!


Try this magnetically charged self-guided meditation.  The best way I can describe this meditation, honestly.  Go within and get connected!

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