IMN Where did it come from?

I genuinely believe in divine guidance, and that belief fueled my desire to find out everything I could about the master numbers 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 and their energies in relation to cause and effect. One day, while I was listening to a video about master numbers, the video stated that master number only goes up to 33 and at rare times 44. I had a strong sense there was more to the master numbers than being described. A deeper meaning that had not yet shown itself. Immediately I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote out 44 -55-66-77-88-99 feeling gratified as if I knew something more significant; really knowing nothing in hindsight. I placed the piece of paper on my bookshelf thinking I would find the clarification from someone else. Then I forgot about it until, months later.

On July 4th, 2015 during my morning meditation, I made a connection to a higher knowing and perspective, and they were sharing knowledge about the numbers. Once I realized the information being given was an elevated numeric knowledge, I jumped quickly out of bed to write down what I was receiving. I was so concerned that I would lose the connection and forget the information being received, I frantically looked for a pen. It was difficult to maintain the connection since it was my first time experiencing something like that… I was nervous, eager and excited!
The Numbers
As soon as I was ready to write, I heard the words “This is your first channel.” I wrote as fast as I could and only worried about what I was writing later. When I was done, I was stunned by what I had written in my journal. What I had written in my journal were two sets of numbers: 1 thru 9, and 11 thru 99. The processes in this site are based on the knowledge given to me by a higher perspective about the mastery in numbers.

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