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Welcome to Integrated Master Numerology, IMN for short.

Welcome to Integrated Master Numerology, IMN for short. IMN is a straightforward numeric process that helps identify the philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings of numbers’ energetic pull. The Universe offers the master key through numbers. The IMN system is a powerful technology dedicated to the continuous understanding of the key to numbers. Mainly to uncover what’s readily available to assist our journey through life and to discover our unique energetic road map to follow.

Understanding the numeric attributes through Energy, Frequency, and Vibration allows you to see the many ways you interact and experience numbers in your life. It can help you identify your drive for meaning, direction, and purpose. In addition, the IMN system will allow you to identify your personal sequencing codes influencing your physical and non-physical experiences. This knowledge and understanding will help you see the cause and effects in your life, the reasons for your highs and lows, the purpose in your abilities, and the reasons for your personal challenges.

So, you ask, how can the understanding of numbers help you master your experiences? Please know you are the master of your creation, the creator of your reality. Knowing and being aware of all the influencing factors in your life, including numbers influencing attributes, enables you to develop your strengths and overcome weaknesses. Having a keen understanding of IMN will assist you in creating and manifesting your desired experiences. Hence, making you a Masterful Creator!

IMN - Integrated Master Numerology

Integrated Master Numerology offers a different insight into the world of numerology.


Takes all numbers and reduces them to a single digit, e.g. (12) 1+2=3 or (27) 2+7=9 the single digit numbers range from 1-9 and each have their own meanings and attributes.

Master Numerology

Leaves the same double-digit numbers alone; like 11-22-33-44, it’s recommended not to reduce to a single digit because the double digits make it more powerful. Master numbers are exceptional and require explicit attention.

Integrated Master Numerology

IMN offers the numeric perspective for numbers 1-9 & 11-99.  The energy of those numbers encourages the observer to align the one-digit to the more amplified two-digit energy attributes. The quantum numeric aspect of IMN inspires deliberate observation of the numbers. In IMN, all numbers are unique with active energetic, frequency, and vibration in our daily lives.

Tap Into Your Mastery Within Through Conscious Use of Numbers

The Integrated Master Numerology process does not require psychic skills of any kind or mathematical prowess to discover the numbers that influence various facets of your life. With an in-depth understanding of all your numeric attributes through Energy, Frequency, and Vibration, you can see the many ways you experience and interact with numbers in your everyday life. Consequently, you can analyze yourself deeply and scrutinize your life journey. Your personal numerological patterns influence your physical and non-physical experiences. Just like the universal process lies in numbers, the numeric process in your life is indispensable and unavoidable.

Date of Birth Calculation

The IMN process calculates your date of birth in two ways to ensure that if there’s a master double-digit present, it will show in one of the two calculations. The master double-digit possesses more potential than other numbers.  It represents illumination, a channel to the subconscious, insight with rational thought and practicality. A master double-digit can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality. It’s characterized by the potential of big ideas, great plans, idealism, and enormous self-confidence. There’s always free will to ensure that you decide the way we experience numbers in your life.

NOTE – Nicolas Tesla date of birth will be used in the examples, and I will use Albert Einstein to show when an amplified number show up in a life number: The reason I used two forms of calculations is to ensure that the expanded master number in a birthday will always have a chance to appear when present.

Nicolas Tesla
Date of Birth: July 10, 1856

07 + 10 + 1856 = 1873 (1+8+7+3 = 19) (1+9= 10) (1+0=1)
1 Life Number 
0+7+1+0+1+8+5+6 = 28 (2+8=10) (1+0=1)
1 Life Number

Albert Einstein 
Date of Birth: March 14, 1879

03 + 14 + 1879 = 1896 (1+8+9+6=24) (2+4=6)
6 Life Number
3 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 8 + 7 + 9 = 33
33 Life Number

The Age Chart presents an easy way to quickly identify your single digit and master digit age in relation to the IMN process. To calculate your age for the current year minus the current year by your year of birth and that will give you your age vibration This chart will help identify your age vibration and your Capsulated Energy Cycle.

moving Energy

IMN Sequencing Codes

Etheric & Perception Ladder

Integrated Master Numerology birth code marker has 12 numerical values. - 6 Etheric Energy and 6 Perception Ladder. The codes are based on the calculations of your date of birth. These codes reveal a lot about your physical and non-physical Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. Once the numbers are broken down, you can see the significance of the codes in your life.

Aspects that affect your life daily

Etheric Energy governs your non-physical energetic alignment. This energetic aspect is comprised of six markers that influence our human expression.

  1. Life Number: Your life leading energy. Who you are, energetically.
  2. Entry Point: The energy when you entered life. 
  3. Event Cycle: Leading energy of major life occurrence.
  4. Collective Energy: Mass collective energy connection.
  5. Soul Energy: Your energetic purpose.
  6. Anchoring Energy: Your energetic contribution.

Perception Ladder governs your physical energetic experiences. This energetic aspect is comprised of six markers we employ to process our human expression.

  1. Your Perception: The way you see life.
  2. You’re Perceived: The way others see you.
  3. Equalizing Vibration: The energy that keeps you balanced and stabilizes your life’s expressions.
  4. Effected Energy: The energy that may cause challenges in your life.
  5. Working Energy: The energy that helps you throughout your life.
  6. Mastery Potential: The energy you have the potential to master.

Nicolas Tesla Date of Birth: July 10, 1856

Albert Einstein  Date of Birth: March 14, 1879

Your Personalized IMN Chart with definitions is just a click away

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Integrated Master Numerology deals with the numbers 1-9 & 11-99 and encourages the observer to try and align the one-digit with the two-digit energies and attributes. What highlights the quantum aspect is where the observation of the numbers deliberately aligns with the amplified character of the single digit. In Integrated Master Numerology, all numbers are unique with active Energetic, Frequency, Vibrational characteristics, and tendencies. The double digit’s alignment enhances the energy, frequency, and vibration of the numbers; creating an amplification of their characteristics and tendencies.

Daphney Antonie

I genuinely believe in divine guidance, and that belief fueled my desire to find out everything I could about the master numbers 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 and their energies in relation to cause and effect. One day, while I was listening to a video about master numbers, the video stated that master number only goes up to 33 and at rare times 44. I had a strong sense there was more to the master numbers than being described. A deeper meaning that had not yet shown itself. Immediately I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote out 44 -55-66-77-88-99 feeling gratified as if I knew something more significant; really knowing nothing in hindsight. I placed the piece of paper on my bookshelf thinking I would find the clarification from someone else. Then I forgot about it until, months later. On July 4th, 2015 during my morning meditation, I made a connection to a higher knowing and perspective, and they were sharing knowledge about the numbers. Once I realized the information being given was an elevated numeric knowledge, I jumped quickly out of bed to write down what I was receiving. I was so concerned that I would lose the connection and forget the information being received, I frantically looked for a pen. It was difficult to maintain the connection since it was my first time experiencing something like that… I was nervous, eager and excited! The Numbers As soon as I was ready to write, I heard the words “This is your first channel.” I wrote as fast as I could and only worried about what I was writing later. When I was done, I was stunned by what I had written in my journal. What I had written in my journal were two sets of numbers: 1 thru 9, and 11 thru 99. The processes in this site are based on the knowledge given to me by a higher perspective about the mastery in numbers.

IMN clock screenshots

Integrated Master Numerology is here to revolutionize the world of numerology.  As we evolve consciously so has our abilities to cognized big concepts and meaning concerning our energetic realities. Integrated Master Numerology is here evolve the practice. Integrated Master Numerology encourages you to know that you are the creator of your own reality and that you have energetic strings that are at play to aid you in your created reality. This new numeric practice requires you to know and understand the relevance of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration in your life. This aspect is about the energy stream flow you’ve tapped into, the way you process the frequency variant which then put out the vibration of your emotions. Why is this knowledge useful? Take the advice of Tesla Knowledge is power! Once you are empowered with your IMN Sequencing methods, you’re able to make life decisions with the understanding of the energetic aspects at play. For example, let’s say you have a lot of 5’s in your sequencing marker which calls for new beginnings and being open to change. Now, you find yourself unable to try new things and unsure of yourself and the ability to choose. Based on where the 5’s are present you are able to deliberately move to the empowering aspect of that frequency which will help with the vibration you’re admitting in your physical experience. By doing so, you are consciously working with a keen awareness of polarity. Source Creator “God” gave us all free will. We are so free to our will that we have Polarity to help our expansion experience. To truly appreciate and understand the magnificent power of your free will, polarity must be examined. Polarity is the facet of which you choose to experience or observe things around us. The impact of polarity in your life is significant and commune with you daily.

Integrated Master Numerology offers an expanded process to help you identify the energetic effect of numbers in your life. The IMN new form of number calculation will allow you to create a simple calculation formula that will help you identify your energetic pull, frequency, and vibration. The comprehensive definitions for each number will help you understand the workings of numbers in your life. This insight exposes the mysteries and powers of numbers based on your date of birth.  Use the chart provided to help you with the calculations; Tesla Chart is also provided as an example.

imn date of birth calculationimn date of birth chart

1 You are God “The I Am”
Acknowledge the God in you
11 God here and on the other side. Acknowledgment of your Source Creator
To align with your God essence
2 You and the other side of the veil. “Your higher self” Inner guidance 22 Connection of the two and the blend Being in alignment and accord with your Higher self 3 Mother – Father – Child “Aspect of creation, the Trinity” To know that you are creator 33 The family is together the most powerful To achieve Creating with Divine essence of your Creator Source 4 Spirit pure You are not alone Spirit Energy is strong In your vibration. 44 All spirits are together with loving support In commune with your spirit group 5 New beginning & nature calling A call to harmonize with yourself and Your purpose. 55 New beginning in life, spirit and nature Ebb and flow harmony 6 Energy The essence of your frequency 66 Physical and non-physical energy Align with physical and non-physical energetic 7 Knowledge The ability to connect with esoteric and non-esotheric knowledge 77 Secret knowledge and codes [Science number] The ability to connect and align with secret Mystery knowledge 8 Divine God code 88 Unlimited divine connection the type that Creates new world Power Working with the God code knowledge 9 Working with God – Source Creator Guidance from God 99 Acknowledgment of God’s work Witness beauty – Love & Light Align with joy and the beauty of creation