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Your personal frequency image now available

A newly developed method to see your energy is now made available for you to see your life frequency image. This method is called TRIPHONIE, a three-way energy reproducing system. The individual frequency patterns are made possible by an advanced knowledge of numeric patterning and sequencing. The personal frequency image uses your date of birth to create the optical frequency. Based on your date of birth calculation, the sequencing then generates your personal visual frequency patterns.

This personal frequency image is embossed on a glass tile using a special printing process. Each personal frequency image is customized! Immerse yourself into your own frequency image; allow it to work for you by centering yourself to the image generated personally for you. Find your own power, and experience your personal primal code.

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About Creator & Developer of the Triphonie system

The personal frequency image was developed by Werner J. Neuner, born 1962 in Graz, Austria. He is a natural scientist (mathematician), artist and consciousness researcher. After long years of teaching, his interest focused on shamanistic and fringe-scientific topics. He has been working as an author and lecturer for more than 15 years. He has written numerous books, including “Die Matrix, der Schlüssel zum Ersten Bewusstsein [The Matrix, the Key to First Consciousness]” and “Die Lilith-Revolution [The Lilith Revolution]”.

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Your Personal Primal Code

Through centuries of studying the patterns of time, the Mayans have given us a transition date, i.e., the 21st of December 2012. Astronomical studies have shown that this is actually a “threshold date.” This is the day on which the pendulum movement of the Earth’s axis passed through a very rare point in its almost 26,000-year cycle, with three cosmic movements crossing here: that of the sun, that of our galaxy’s central sun and that of Venus, the planet of love.

To calculate personal frequencies, we use the 21st of December 2012 as a “calibration point.” We relate your date of birth to this transition date, which results in the triad that generates the vibrational patterns of your frequency image.

Biological findings have shown us how the DNA code is incorporated into the structure and renewal of body cells. In principle, this works via so-called “codons.” These are three information units from our own DNA, which encode very specific amino acids. These encoded amino acids are linked together and create the renewed body cells. The code for the corresponding amino acids is identical in all life on Mother Earth, in every human being, every animal, and every plant. This is the Gaia Code, the base of which is always a “codon”, i.e. a triad.

In contrast, Life’s external appearance is of a “dualistic” nature. In other words, the body of animals and humans is always symmetrical. We have a right and left half of the brain, a right and left hand, a right and left foot, a right and left eye, and so on.

The proportions of life correspond to the “golden ratio” that we know from “sacred geometry”. This “golden ratio” is based on the Fibonacci code (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, …). A code whose numbers are formed from the sum of its two predecessors. Two numbers each create the next one, a code of two, which creates the dualistic, external manifestation of life.

The internal code of life is a triad (the codon), which gives rise to the external dualistic manifestation of life.

To calculate the personal triad, the dual Fibonacci code is extended and transferred to the inner treble Gaia code. This is how we connect the inner primal program with the real external manifestation. This triad is then brought into harmony with the patterns of time which, in turn, results in the three personal frequency patterns of the human being, which are made visible in the form of color vibrations.

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The Colour Frequencies

Each number has its own “inner pattern,” which can be calculated mathematically by the “cycle length.” The “inner pattern” of the triad (the number 3) is the number 13.

The number 13 plays a central role in the primal development of humankind. Day 1 of our body began at the precise moment when our father’s sperm had fertilized our mother’s egg. It then took exactly thirteen days for us to anchor ourselves in this incarnation for the first time. This occurred when we were connected to our mother’s blood supply via our umbilical cord (the physical anchor).

Our cellular memory has stored these thirteen days as a primary primal cycle. It is remarkable that the Mayans had chosen the original thirteen-day cycle as the essential basis for their calendar (as a “13-day wave”).

It is therefore obvious that the personal primal code can best be represented by a numerology comprising the number thirteen. Your date of birth is therefore used to calculate a triad consisting of three numbers, each of which can be between 1 and 13.

These three numbers are then made visible as color frequencies. All three frequencies of your personal triad are interwoven with each other and together form your personal frequency image.

Each of these numbers from 1 to 13 symbolize an archetype. The interpretation of the individual archetypes stems from the research work of Werner J. Neuner, who studied the cognitive and intellectual history of the most diverse cultures. Another important source of information was the “field of consciousness,” the field we humans are gradually returning to. We also know it under various names, as “morphogenetic field”, as the “Akasha Chronicle,” or as “The Matrix”.

This field contains and provides all knowledge and much more as “information patterns”. The primal language of this field consists of archetypes that every human being intuitively knows. Each individual archetype can be perfectly represented by color patterns and frequencies. These color frequencies have the essential advantage in that our logical mind finds it difficult to filter and categorize them. Therefore, our personal frequency images work very intuitively on a deeply subconscious level, where they can bring your individual primal code to sound.


How exciting! This is what you’ll receive.

Product disclaimer

One more thing you should know!

If you do activate your personal primal code, your soul’s powers may become particularly active. The powers of the soul change your life on all those levels on which you do not live your soul’s plan. 

Therefore, please note the following notice and disclaimer:

You yourself are fully responsible for the use of this image and for handling the interpretations of your personality shown here. Any liability claims against the manufacturer of this image or against the author are therefore completely excluded.

If you do not want to allow changes in your life, you should rather not use this image!