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Exposure to numerology has prompted fascination into house numbers. When you drive through neighborhoods, do you wonder, what’s the house number saying about what’s going on in the home? When the home looks in disarray from the outside or when the home is too pristine, do you wondered what life is like inside the home? I did that for years, but I never really remembered to look for the definitions of the houses.

The knowledge, understanding, and practice of Integrated Master Numerology have allowed many to better understand what’s at work regarding a house number. For this example, let’s use a house that has the 3 Energy. The way to calculate the house number is to add up the address to a single digit such as 12 (1+2=3). The 3 is the aspect of creating. Let’s say you live in a house with that number, you have a unique opportunity to create wonderful things and experiences. Remember, polarity is always at work. The same way there’s the potential to create beauty; the opposite possibilities also are available. If in this home you feel underprivileged, the more lack you will create. Once you are aware of your home’s numeric attributes and potential effects, you can make conscious decisions on how to observe and experience your house energy.

House & Home Number Energy

To understand the significance of the difference between a house and home in connection to numerology you must appreciate and diffraction the two:

House /hous/
A building for human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.
Home /hōm/
The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family

A house is the actual physical concrete space, and it offers the overall collective energy. A home is the way the people inside the physical building are experiencing the energy of that house that ultimately affects the home life.


Apartment living


When you live in an apartment only add the apartment number, not the building number. Should your apartment number also include a letter, use the numeric value of the letter. See Pythagorean alphabet numeric value chart to aid you in finding the letter number value.

House Chart

The mother lode number for a home is 11. See image for how to reduce house number. This house number, like all the other master numbers, does not get reduced. An 11 house is a fully charged enlightened lighthouse. Your enlightenment may be positively or negatively charged. The beauty in this house number, like in all master number house, is the extra charged energy. The 11 house energy brings awareness to your life within the home.

When I moved into a home that was a 5-energy, I was aware it represented a new beginning and call to nature (my nature and the nature of everyone in the home). I ensured nothing stayed stagnate. I moved around my furniture all the time and decluttered my home often. I was mindful of who I let inside and monitored the condition in which they came. I was also determined not to create new situations I was not willing to see through or experience.

We all experience life and home based on our point of reference, conditioning, and observations. Two people from the same home could have two separate and distinct experiences in the same household. This is based on the Energy, Frequency, and Vibration they’ve attuned to in the house. Ever talk to siblings that were raised in the same home? They may each have different accounts of their experiences. A family that’s in agreement remains in cooperation with shared memories while a disconnected family will have different memories and experiences while living in the same home.

A common house number that most find challenging is the number 7 energy. Because this home is philosophical energy, it’s a great home for very active minds. It’s a home that’s charged with the knowledge energy. In this home sleepless nights are very common and it’s structured in nature. If you feel you live in a house that does not carry the numeric energy attribute you desire for your life and you choose to change that numeric aspect of this house, you may do so by adding a number inside at the top of your front door. This will give you the enhanced charge attribute you desire. Once you place the number to enhance the energy of your house you are activating a quantum factor in the energy field of your home. The desired number for most homes is 8 because of its abundance and infinite expansion potentials. The way to make a 7 house into an 8-energy home is by adding a number Energy Enhancer over your front door. Example House number 7 add and 1 Energy Enhancer to make it an 8 home.

See the IMN Energy Enhancer for the meaning of the numeric energy of the house/home

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