August 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

Master Number 5

This month, August 2022, is all about being open to change in order to honor your true nature and live your life’s purpose. Under this energy, you are encouraged to pay attention to what feels out of balance. Be open to a bit of adventure. In this expression, you will have many opportunities to shift your life’s conditions. Your inner knowing will help you achieve the most authentic expression of yourself. 

Time to Shift to the new beginning energy, which encourages you to balance to your true nature. This collective harmonizing energy offers you the opportunity through self-examination to change your life to conditions that will best serve you.

This month, it will not serve you to resist change, to be mentally trapped due to your fear of new beginnings, to be close-minded, or to be rigid in your thinking and actions. The 5 harmonizing energetic field encourages you to be adventurous and survey your life so that you may adjust to your innate nature and your Source purpose. Align with the adventurous nature of this month’s energy and do something new, try something new. The experience may surprise you or help you change your life to better conditions. 

Dates impacts by Master Numbers


8/7/2022 – 8/8/2022 – 8/9/2022

8/16/2022 – 8/17/2022 – 8/18/2022

8/25/2022 – 8/26/2022 – 8/27/2022

This month, these three sets of dates are worth noting because they repeat the same Fueling energetic expression. These expressions are strong in completions and duality. Imagine this month’s Change influencing energy being fueled by completion and the examiner’s expression. Pay attention to the changes you are making in your life. 

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