Why is IMN useful?

Integrated Master Numerology has the potential to revolutionize the world of numerology and evolve the practice.

Integrated Master Numerology encourages you to know that you are the creator of your own
reality and that you have energetic strings that are at play to aid you in your created reality. This
new numeric practice requires you to know and understand the relevance of Energy, Frequency,
and Vibration in your life. This aspect is about the energy stream flow you’ve tapped into, the
way you process the frequency variant which then put out the vibration of your emotions.
Why is this knowledge useful? Take the advice of Tesla.

Knowledge is power! Once you are empowered with your IMN Sequencing Marker, you’re able
to make life decisions with the understanding of the energetic aspects at play. For example, let’s
say you have a lot of 5’s in your sequencing marker which calls for new beginnings and being
open to change. Now, you find yourself unable to try new things and unsure of yourself and
ability to choose. Based on where the 5’s are present you are able to deliberately move to the
empowering aspect of that frequency which will help with the vibration you’re admitting in your
physical experience. By doing so, you are consciously working with a keen awareness of

Source Creator “God” gave us all free will. We are so free to our will that we have Polarity to
help our expansion experience. To truly appreciate and understand the magnificent power of our
free will, polarity must be examined. Polarity is the facet of which we choose to experience or
observe things around us. The impact of polarity in our lives is significant and commune with us

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