February 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

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In the year of energized duality, the month of February resides in the Collective 8 Energetic Field. This collective field offers the opportunity to expand or retract. To expand means to grow and empower the manifestation powers. To retract means to shrink, to make less than, to suck the life out of things. It’s the expression of a very low vibration. A state of being that seeks to feed off the energy of others without relying on its own energetic powers. 

It is a unique month that is Divine in its Infinite potentials with two distinct influencing energy; the energizer and the duality expression. You have the opportunity to grow what’s working in your life and not to feed what’s no longer serving your greater and higher purpose. This month supports your alignment with the collective expanding manifestation reality. This alignment is very relevant since we are in the year of energized duality. 

You are encouraged to elevate, boost, develop, and cultivate what’s working in your life. Your manifestation potentials are empowered under this collective energetic impression. You will experience many opportunities for personal growth and abundance in your connected relationships, love, and financial affairs. Be open to cultivating and expanding consciously. This reality expansion position is divine and infinite in its potential.

February 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

Dates impacts by Master Numbers 

2/6/2022 – 2/15/22 – 2/24/22: 8-8-22 

These dates are extreme in their duality expanding influencing powers because of the 22 Energetic Field, which impacts twice, in the year 2022 and the dates. Examine the many sides of what you may be developing or nurturing in your life. Pay close attention to all aspects of your life that may be shrinking you. 

2/8/2022 – 2/17/22 – 2/26/22: 8-8-1-8

These dates are a fantastic opportunity to consciously expand your awareness and connection to your I Am presence. Great days to develop and master your manifesting powers to new heights Perfectly align days for manifestation, highly charged meditations, and personal growth.

Note: This month’s auspicious days carry the 88 Master Number, the Divine God’s Codes. Under this energy, the mastery position amplifies the influencing factors, which aligns you with the infinite potentials, the kind that creates a new world. 

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