April 2022 Quantum Influencing Days

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This month, April 2022, is all about recalibration. We survived March 2022,  a serious, energetically charged month. I can just say, BIG things happen, and I am sure you can agree. All our fears and insecurities got manifested. This allowed us to see which side of the polarity scale we are residing on. Are we being reactive or proactive? So much came to our personal doorsteps. Take a look back and ask yourself how you dealt with the issues that presented themselves last month? Would you do anything differently? Seriously, take a moment to ponder those questions until you can truly examine your past response to concerning issues. You will not find empowerment in this new leading energy until you can clearly identify your emotional, mental, and energetic processing methods. This month is your opportunity to start something new. May you lead your new expression from your highest, purest and most authentic point of expression.

In the year of energized duality, the month of April resides in the Collective 1 Energetic Field. This collective field offers you the opportunity to lead to new heights. This Oneness expression encourages you to align with the Universe’s leading energy. Your awakening to your leading light within stands to benefit you profoundly. Your alignment to this leadership expression may lead you to inspiring new thoughts, ideas, and concepts. This collective conscious energy encourages you to Awaken to the leader within and not wait for the pack. It will not serve you in this month’s energy to lack self-confidence or doubt your ability to lead to new heights, as it may dim your light. This month is your time to shine. May you shine brightly.

Dates impacts by Master Numbers


4/5/2022 – 4/14/2022 -4/23/2022:

66 Energy  These very special dates are extreme in their Driving force Energy, which deals with the Physical and non-physical energy –

This collective mastery position aligns us with our active, activating, and engaging energetic life expression. Because there are 6 Energetic expressions already, this month 66 influencing factors will amplify our energetic expressions. On those dates it’s your opportunity to be that charged up leader leading to new heights. Pay attention to where you are placing your energy. On those dates, it will not serve you to place your energy where you are not being fuelled. The 66 driving force energetic field positions you to experience an active lifecycle driven by life’s dynamic joyful expressions.

Note: This month is like our soft landing after what we experienced last month. Take the time to reset.

Trust in the Universe, align with The Oneness

GUEST WHAT? This month I will offer you the Integrated Master Numerology calculation for the day that was significant for you last month, the energetic influence of that day. Just this one time, I will extend this offer for FREE… yes, FREE. Last month was such a powerful month energetically. I would love to help you understand what was at work numerically. Email me the date, and I will send you the numeric energy of the date you send me. Let’s have fun and explore.  

Blessings always~

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